The corporate branding process is both thorough and detailed. I will help you through each step and work with you closely so in the end your company will have the identity it deserves and you love.Sketches for logos

  1. MEETING AND TALKING – The first step in developing a branding for any business is to get to know you and your business. Although I have created a lot of logos, I do not claim claim to know every industry and what it’s inner workings. I will probably ask you a fair amount of questions, but this is necessary to understand your needs. Just remember, your input is very important to reach achieve a successful branding project.
  2. RESEARCH RESEARCH AND SOME MORE RESEARCH  – After talking with you about your business, I will go back and do all the reading I can about your industry. This will include looking at what your competitors are doing as far as branding and marketing. This part of the process is not intended to copy their identities, but to get an idea of what they are doing. Sometimes this will include what other companies may be doing wrong as well. I also will research who your audience is in order to understand more in depth of  how to reach these folks.
  3. LOGO APPLICATIONS/USES – All this means is where and how do you want to use your logo. On a website? On your fleet of trucks? Do you often attend Trade Shows? This does not mean you cannot use your logo in other media…it just narrows down design ideas for me.
  4. SKETCHES/MIND MAPPING – I always sketch some designs before I touch my computer. Once I have a nice selection of ideas, I will pick the top ideas and present them to you, the client. This way I can get an idea as to what direction we will be going with the design.
  5. CREATING THE SELECTED LOGOS – Once you pick two or three designs I will get to work mocking them up in Illustrator (vector software used to generate the logo). These rough versions will be presented to you for review. Usually they will only be black and white. Colors can be decided later in the process.
  6. REFINING THE DESIGNS – At this point we should be down to only a few design ideas. This is when we work together and refine each or maybe just one design. The refinement stage is when we start to add colors, change fonts, and any other elements that need changing.
  7. LOGO GENERATION – Once the final design is signed off on, now it is time to decide where and when the logo will be used. Upon final payment, I will release a thumb drive with your logo in all file formats, as well in both color and black & white versions.


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