• How much does a website cost?

    This is a great question and the one question I get all the time. The answer is not so simple though. A website is kind of like a car. The cost really depends on what options you want. This is why I do not have a 'one cost fits all' price. Every client's needs are different as far as what they want their website to do.
  • What payment types do you accept?

    I accept cash, checks and Pay Pal at the moment. I will soon be able to accept credit cards...stay tuned! I require a 50% deposit to start your project and the remaining 50% due when the project is complete, prior to releasing any media.
  • What is the turn around time on a project?

    Every project I design and develop has been different. Therefore, turn around times vary greatly. I can promise you that I will work as hard as i can to get the job done on time and within budget . I also try and only work on two or three projects at a time in order to give each one the attention it requires.
  • Do you design print materials?

    I absolutely do! I design everything from business cards to full on graphics for trade shows. heck, I even design artwork for carnival attractions and food stands. If something needs a design, I'll do it! I can also provide the physical printing of your materials. I have some great people who can get this done at very attractive pricing.
  • How much should I pay for design work?

    This is another great question, but is very difficult to answer. Great design work done by a professional is not cheap. You are benefiting from this person's years of experience. Sure it will be cheaper to have you cousin's sister's best friend do design work for you. But in my experience, you usually get what you pay for and in the end you may pay twice as much if you have to get things done over. If you value great service and appreciate fine design, then I want to work with you!
  • Should I have a contest for my logo design? Then I pick the best one.

    Absolutely not! This is called 'spec work' and it is a huge no-no in any industry. Would you do this with your car mechanic or doctor. Everybody gets a crack at fixing my car. Whoever fixes it the way I like, I will then pay. As a client you need to pick a designer who's work you really like. Do your homework. Check their portfolio, get references. Once you find the right designer, not only will you get the best product, but you will have someone who should work with you until you are both happy with the end result.