My web design/development process is quite simple. Please read the following breakdown below. Remember the famous quote as you read through the process….“The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray”

  1. PLANNING – Once the deposit is paid, I get to work planning the site layout. This is started with input from you, the client. We will talk about things like what you want the site to achieve, what bells and whistles you want added, and other details that fit your needs. The planning stage of the process is very important and will help the rest of the project go more smoothly.
  2. DESIGNING THE LOOK & FEEL – Now that we have a plan in place, I can move on to the design part of the process. Chatting a little more with you, I will be able to find out your likes and dislikes in how a site should look. If you already have a logo, we will follow the logo’s color scheme to help us in choosing colors for the site. I will then go to work mocking up a design in Photoshop to show you.
  3. BUILDING YOUR SITE – When you are happy with the ‘look and feel’ of your site, now is the time I go to work doing all the coding of the site. This part of the process will bring to life the mock up so everyone can see the site in their browser. At this time I will add any extras such as a Content Management System, Blog, Animations and many more items. Once the site is coded, I will present you with a link to view your new site. This link will not be live and will allow us to fine tune before the launch.
  4. TESTING – As you look through your site during the building process, I will also be testing the site in all modern browsers to make sure it renders the same in all of them.
  5. THE BIG LAUNCH – Once the site is ready to go, I will ask you if all is well and presto…we launch your new site! Don’t stress if there are any small details that you find along the way. We will take care of them once we find ’em.


This process sounds like it could be painful and drawn out, but I can assure you it will not be as bad as you think. I will include you in the process from beginning to end and you will never be excluded from any decisions when it comes to developing your new site. After all, it is your site and you have to love it!