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Working from home…the good, the bad and the not so ugly!

Working from home…it’s almost an oxymoron, isn’t it? Work and home are usually separate, aren’t they? Not for me…I work from home almost everyday of the year. I consider myself pretty lucky to be able to do this.  And on the other hand, there can be some huge challenges.


Probably the best part of working from home is the fact that I don’t have to go anywhere which means my transportation costs are minimal at most. I rarely get into my car during the week unless I have to run an errand or I need to meet with clients. Not only do I save on gas costs, but the wear and tear on my vehicle is way less.
I like the fact that I can roll out of bed, make some coffee and get to work still in my pajamas…or in my ‘soft pants’ named by my good friend’s kid. Though I have to admit, by 10:00 I feel guilty for still being in my ‘soft pants’ so I change to my ‘work clothes.
There are so many areas where I can save both money and time. Things that maybe you wouldn’t think of. My wardrobe savings is huge! I can wear shorts and a t shirt to work in the summer and jeans and a sweater in the colder months. Eating costs are lower as well. I am not tempted to eat out…well, I am tempted a lot, but I try to keep those temptations to a minimum.
I also save a ton on my sanity. Not having to sit in traffic day and night is a huge plus when it comes to my stress level.

I am an avid cyclist and working from home gives me the opportunity to take a ride when I want. There are plenty of days I take out the road bike for my lunch. You just can’t put a price on that.


With all the good things that come from working from home, alas, there are some not so good things. I guess it all can’t be good…
Working from home can be quite lonely at times. Don’t get me wrong, I am not the most sociable guy in town, but it is nice to be able to bounce ideas off someone, maybe talk about a particular problem I am having. Or how about a good, clean office prank? Yeah, I guess I could pull a prank or two on myself. That wouldn’t be too fun…I am too gullible. It just may work!

Usually I confide in my wife Consie. She is a great person to talk to about ideas and plans I have. She is and always has been my voice of reason and this is just one of the things I love about her. If for some reason she is not home (hey, she’s a busy women herself) I then have to trust in myself that I am doing the best thing in my work.

Being home also makes myself available for all the little distractions that may come my way. Sometimes I have to remind my wife to act like I am not home. Act like I am off at work, which I truly am. She usually catches herself as she’s ‘distracting’ me and apologizes. Just as well…if I am knee deep in a conundrum, I probably wouldn’t have heard a word she said. I admit it, I have trouble doing two things at once!

Another bad point is the fact I am always at work. If you have to travel to work, you can ‘get away’ at some point. I am always here. If I have forgotten to do something during a day, all I need to do is stroll down the hall and take care of it. Pretty cool you’re saying…sometimes it can be. Other times it can be a curse, especially for someone like myself. My mind churns from things I do every day.


This is the part you all have been waiting for, I can tell! Well, the only thing I have to say here is there really isn’t an ugly part of working from home. Maybe the only ugly part is seeing my reflection in the computer monitor…and maybe some of my failed design attempts. You should see some of these! Now that’s what I call ugly! HaHaHa

So there you have it. My t4ake on working from home. There are probably other points I am leaving out, but I am sure I have bored you enough…

Push through…

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