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A New Branding…for Myself!

Well, I finally found the time and focus to re-branded myself. It has been a long time coming and I am pretty excited. The hardest part was finding the time to get this project done. I am not complaining mind you… I realize how lucky I am to be busy with other work in this crazy economy.

I have struggled with my own branding for a long time. One of the reasons it has taken so long is I really wanted to change the name of my company. Right now it is Sindet Enterprises. I wanted to have a name that described more of what I do. The name I picked out was GraphicLee Designed. Pretty catchy, huh? Well, I thought and thought about this new name. I talked to some folks about it and talked to my wife Consie as well. She is usually the one I confide in for most of my big decisions. She suggested that my new found name seemed a little cheesy. Yep…she said cheesy.

After careful thought…well, as careful as my thoughts can be, I had to agree with her. It was pretty ‘cheesy’! What my company needed was to keep it’s original name, but have a new, fresh identity. So I set on the rough course of re-branding myself.

Fast forward to today and presto…I now am the proud owner of a new logo. Minus all the long hours, the sweat and swearing, I am finally on the road to having a new identity. I have done this for so many other clients, I figured it was my turn.

Stay strong,

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